ELK GROVE (CBS13) – A woman is searching for answers after she was attacked at an Elk Grove grocery store.

The incident happened around 5 p.m. Friday at a Raley’s along the 4900 block of Elk Grove Boulevard.

Police say one of the suspects asked the victim for help reading something on an item. While she was reading, another suspect pushed her into the shelves. The suspects then took her wallet and ran.

Officers have not been able to find the suspects.

Comments (2)
  1. More fallout from Proposition 47 amnesty for drug addicts…so-called “low-priority” offenders. In reality: they are low-life addicts who steal, rob, commit fraud to support their habits. They are the ones who steal your Amazon boxes !!

  2. teresa says:

    A little more info would have been nice I’m sure race age height weight would be not to hard to ask for as well as photos I’m quite sure they have cameras. Something not right here.

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