SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The 2016 presidential election has been a heated contest, and that has ended some friendships.

A Monmouth University study found that 70 percent of registered voters say the primary and general election campaigns have brought out the worst in people, with 76 percent of women feeling that way.

While two-thirds of registered voters feel dissatisfied about Washington—and 85 percent disapproving of the job Congress is doing—65 percent of voters say harsh language in politics is unjustified.

Half of respondents split the blame between supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, while 37 percent blame Trump supporters and 11 percent blame Clinton supporters. Breaking it down further, 68 percent of Democrats blame Trump supporters while 68 percent of Republicans blame supporters of both sides equally.

But perhaps the worst part of the study comes from friendships. Seven percent of Americans say they’ve ended a friendship over the election.

  1. G says:

    That’s OK, if either of these two clowns get into office this country will not be recognizable within 2 years.

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