By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Golden 1 Center is delivered. Now surrounding downtown restaurant owners are ready for the crowds to dig in.

Foundation is on the corner of L and 4th Street.

“Tuesday night’s a big one. It’s like all hands on deck,” said owner Nick White.

Pick the analogy; White calls it a game changer.

“I guess you could call it Game 7,” White said. “I’ll be here, my wife’s pregnant; she’ll be here.”

White has scheduled every employee on staff to work the night of the Paul McCartney concert. And he’s making sure he’s not short on supplies.

“The way we look at it is we don’t want to blow it,” White said.

Malt and Mash is brand new. The Irish bar and restaurant is on 7th and K.

Owner Trevor Shults is crunching the numbers for Golden 1 Center’s opening night.

“I think location, location, location,” Shults said. “We’re anticipating, from what we’ve been told, that we’ll have 8000 people walk past our front door. So we’re hoping that at least 10 percent of those people decide to come inside.”

He’s also calling all hands on deck.

“I mean, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Paul McCartney’s here … we have everybody on staff, ready to work,” Shults said.

Rio City Cafe is in Old Sacramento on Front Street, right along the Sacramento River.

General Manager Scott Meier is doubling his staff for the Golden 1 Center opening.

“You gotta be ready for it,” Meier said. “The front of the house, I’d probably be looking at somewhere between 5 and 6. And gonna be running 10 to 11 for McCartney.”

In honor of McCartney’s visit, the City of Sacramento passed a “meatless Monday” declaration.

Comments (2)
  1. Mark says:

    Because of the way the mayor and city council went around the taxpayers, I personally am boycotting this arena. Also don’t care to be gouged by the companies selling food, drink, and other merchandise at the arena ( $10 for a shot glass full of watered down beer ! ). Enjoy being ripped off to the max . Wonder how long until people start saying this arena is old and out of date and start wanting another new one.

  2. Aside from the new building, it’s the same old 50-loss Kings, the same old type of events that Arco/Sleep Train had. Concerts from dinosaurs, monster trucks, wrestling, disney on ice, boring graduations, blah, blah, blah. The only real difference is a new traffic, parking hassle that the old arena didn’t have. And the city parking enforcement has been doubled, with strict, no-mercy patrols and high-tech meters that will automatically summon officers. They need the ticket revenues to pay for the building.

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