By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Safety at Golden 1 Center is under scrutiny after two incidents of people falling onto others in the arena’s upper bowl.

Megan Surritt and her mom Pattye Downing bought their tickets for section 217 back on Mother’s Day.

Wednesday, they were sitting in Golden 1 Center’s upper bowl watching Paul McCartney when they got a big surprise.

“All of a sudden, a large woman was over my back, my neck, my head and over my feet,” Downing said.

“I just saw the look of panic on her face, like she thought she was going to continue to fall,” Surritt said.

It was at least the second fall in the new Golden 1 Center’s upper bowl in the two days the arena’s been open.

On Tuesday, another person fell on top of Turlock resident Todd Harter and his 86-year-old mom.

“There’s nothing really to catch yourself as your scoot across, just the next person,” Harter said.

The upper bowl’s steepness has dominated Golden 1 Center’s Facebook page in the past day.

One comment read: “I was there Wednesday night and I’m not surprised someone fell in the upper deck. It’s very steep.”

And another: “If you have an issue with heights beware and do not wear heels.”

Golden 1 Center issued a statement to those Facebook reviews, reading: “We value your feedback and have shared it with the appropriate department.”

For Surritt and her mom, they say are sharing their experience hoping the Kings will make some type of change.

“But heaven forbid, a large gentleman falls on a child. That is our main point of bringing awareness to what is happening,” Surritt said.

Besides the Facebook statement, the Kings organization declined to comment on the two specific injury incidents in the upper bowl.

The Kings’ first preseason game in the Golden 1 Center is Monday.

Comments (6)
  1. Mark says:

    This and $14 for a beer. I’ll be going to this new arena on the day after never ! Thanks mayor “PieFace” and city council.

  2. Susan L Younger says:

    Was in the arena Wed night and had a lady fall in section 216. We were in row G This woman wanted to go down Row H and every person had to stand up Some were having a hard time maintaining balance. We were in seats 14 and 15 and quite a few people had trouble going up steps with purses and drinks. Things were being spilled. Seems very dangerous. This woman tumbled down about 3 steps.

  3. Colleen Campagnoni ODonoghue says:

    This is the comment I posted on the Golden 1 Center FB page after the fall in the upper rows:
    During my visit at the Open House on Saturday, I went up to the top level. The rows at this level seemed very unsafe as the rows were very steep and there were no rails on the downside. I shared my Open House experience with friends and family, over the weekend, and each time I mentioned how the upper rows were extremely unsafe…and, how an accident was inevitable. Unfortunately, the second night of an event, there was an accident/injury. I’m not sure how the design decision was agreed on, or how the upper level would pass safety inspection, but don’t wait until there are more injuries or even a fatality before addressing this very very unsafe design flaw. As a Project Manager, I would venture to guess that an important stakeholder was left out of the requirements gathering sessions and user acceptance testing…the consumer/user ! Disney on Ice event will be in a month and there will be children in the dangerous upper level rows.

    I have requested the Golden 1 Center keep the public informed of the safety solution.

  4. Kings will likely flag the dangerous seats during ticket purchasing: “Not recommended for under age 12 or over age 60.” These seats are a lawsuit waiting to happen…since the city paid for half of the arena, they will get half of the blame and pay half of the settlement.

  5. Judy Martin says:

    My husband and I were in the same section on Wednesday night. I had great difficulty climbing the stairs and when I got to my aisle the concrete was uneven on the step I had to turn into. If a person used the step in the dark they were going to definitely trip. On the other side of our aisle the stairs came up and the only thing stopping someone from falling is a plexiglass partition. A woman lost her balance and was going past the partition and would have fallen over the back of the seats. Luckily my husband was behind her. He grabbed her with both hands and held on tight or she would have been a goner. We will never get seats in the upper level again. It is way too dangerous.

  6. constance Laliberte says:

    totally scared, and felt uneasy the whole time. Bought tickets months before to see paul and was
    so sad that i had to spend our 300.00 plus tickets, on an event I Wanted to be at, WITH SEATS LIKE THIS… SO SAD,
    Your whole upper area should be closed. Danger Zone !!! We won’t ever come again. We are not rich, but have to pay that kind of money for a Danger Zone. We are in our 60 ies, still young in our step, but this is not SAFE for anyone, NOT ANYONE.!!! Shame on your designers !!! SHAME ON THE WHOLE BUNCH OF LEADERSHIP FOR THIS DESIGN . Such a DANGER, for anybody!!!!!!!! WE won’t do it again,, YOUR GOING TO RETHINK THIS AREA….RIGHT???????. SHOULD MAKE AN AREA LOWER FOR ANYONE FEARFUL, FOR A LOWER PRICE WE REGULAR FOKES CAN AFFORD, AND COME TO THESE EVENTS, Too,…. Like the RICH

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