SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – To the protest of some residents, hundreds of cars in Sacramento neighborhoods are being taken off the streets.

Code enforcement officers are conducting an abandoned vehicle sweep throughout the city. Officers say this week they’re focusing on the community of Del Paso Heights.

Robert Quavas is just learned his car is getting towed.

“They can’t just take people’s stuff with no due process. We ain’t getting **** here,” Quavas said.

This city wide vehicle sweep is a collaboration between Sacramento City Code Enforcement and police.

“We thoroughly believe in code enforcement and that there’s nexus  between blight and crime,” said Carl Simpson from code enforcement. “When it seems like people don’t care in the neighborhood, we believe it’s an attraction for people who want to do bad things.”

Officers say there’s more than 500 inoperable vehicles scattered throughout the city.

Some haven’t moved in months, and they may be abandoned – or not.

“And what we’ve found recently is that homeless folks are taking refuge in some of these vehicles left abandoned on our streets,” Simpson said.

Another problem facing code enforcement? Abandoned vehicles can be dangerous.

“They’re hazardous to citizens passing by or kids. As you can see with this vehicle, we have a lot of broken glass and jagged metal here which could potentially be harmful,” said Ricardo Vargas with code enforcement.

Quavas continued to plead his case. He contends his smashed up vehicle is not trash, but hidden treasure.

“I mean, there’s value to it. It may not look great, but there’s value to it. Metal has a value,” Quavas said.

With Quavas’ car sitting on this street for more than a year, officers says it’s time.

Officers say they plan on targeting various neighborhoods throughout the city in the coming weeks.

  1. The street is not a garage or junkyard for these worthless heaps. They are used as places to deal drugs, use drugs, commit prostitution. This guy would have gotten several warnings from the City for car parked for over a year. He obviously ignored all of them.

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