After 17 years with the WWE, Chris Jericho has done what he seems to be better than anyone else: he’s reinvented himself.

When the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla got old, he stepped away, came back and seemed like an entirely different superstar. Slow, almost maniacal, promos. Suits and ties. Low talking. No yelling. He wasn’t funny, he wasn’t a “tweener” and he wasn’t cheered. He was hated.

The era brought one of the most memorable storylines in WWE history with the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. Then he disappeared, came back, disappeared again, came back, lost to Fandango at Wrestlemania, no one cared and he moved on.

Now, as Kevin Owens’ best friend, he’s changing the game again.

Jericho is obnoxious, but funny. He’s not the evil bad guy, he’s the bad guy who’s so great, the crowd is dying to cheer him. The inevitable “turn” is coming. The crowd is begging for it. But in the meantime, enjoy the greatness of Jericho. DRINK IT IN MAAAAAAAN!

Here’s 10 reasons why Chris Jericho is the best WWE star in the business right now…

1. He’s been in the WWE since 1999 and still manages to evolve his personality.

2. His debut was so memorable, so awesome, and so cheesy:

3. Every time he leaves, he returns. And its AWESOME!

4. He can simultaneously be the best heel and the biggest babyface on any given show.

5. He wears a scarf with no shirt and knows that alone will get him booed.

6. He’s made said scarf get bigger reactions then most guys on the roster.

7. His theme music is timeless.

8. Oh wait, remember the time he returned as a super cheesy babyface… then left without saying anything.

9. The man of 1,004 holds is still one of the funniest things ever.



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