By Angela Musallam

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The first storm of the season is one day away, and weather experts say the Sacramento Valley could get more rain than this time last year.

A messy commute is also expected this weekend.

Experts say they don’t actually know how much rain the Sacramento area is getting this season, but they say there is a potential for above-average rain levels in October.

Weather experts say first storm of the season could bring up to two inches of rain to the Sacramento Valley in the next five days.

Last October, the valley saw just under half-an-inch of rain.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jason Clapp says even with an above average month, the drought isn’t going away anytime soon.

“We are going to need several years of above normal rain to even put a dent in the drought,” Clapp said.

Sacramento County’s Department of Water Resources isn’t taking any chances with flooding.

Flood prevention is at the top of the list for county crews as they prepare for the upcoming storm.

“We are clearing out debris from the creek, which could cause a backup when it rains,” said Matt Robinson, a spokesman for the Department of Water Resources.

Robinson says the area surrounding American River College is prone to flooding each year and requires year-round maintenance.

“We do this year-round because we want to make sure when we do get rain, we can sustain the amount that comes down,” Robinson added.

While the county is taking preventative measures to keep the area afloat during a rain storm, Robinson says some residents aren’t doing their part to clear debris from their own yards.

Leaves scattered in front of lawns and gutters are a recipe for flood disasters, says Robinson.

The upcoming storm may not put a big enough dent in the drought, but it will create a messy commute if residents don’t pitch in.

“We are urging residents to step up and not just take their leaves, but to also bag them so they don’t end up clogging the storm drains when it does rain.”

Drivers are being urged to stay cautious and slow down this weekend because of oily and slick roads.

Weather experts say they don’t anticipate snow to be a concern this weekend, because weather conditions will be too warm to bring snow to ground level near the Sierra.


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