By Jennifer McGraw

STOCKTON (CBS13) – A daughter pleads for help after her late father’s Bible was stolen over the weekend.

“I try to push it out of my mind like it hasn’t happened or it’s not real,” said Morgan Millunzi when talking about her father’s death. “So with this happening it kind of opened up some wounds that I thought were slowly healing.”

Those wounds were ripped open and shattered in a parking lot.

Just down the sidewalk from where they were celebrating a friend’s engagement in Lincoln Center, Morgan said someone broke into a pickup and stole her brother Joey’s backpack.

A laptop and some other items were inside, but it’s their dad’s Bible they want back.

“I have my dad’s ring and I have my dad’s ashes and that’s what he had and that’s all we have,” she said.

John Millunzi passed of multiple sclerosis at the age of 59 last December. He never left home without his Bible.

His son, a U.S. Marine, is carrying on the tradition.

“He was now carrying around my dad’s Bible, I didn’t know, but it brought comfort to him,” Morgan said.

It’s a black leather Bible with the names John and Caroline Millunzi hand-written inside, along with a picture Morgan fears is lost forever.

“There was a picture of all of us and that’s the last picture we have of all of us,” she said.

Morgan treasures what few pictures they do have and holds onto hope her father’s strong faith will lead his bible back home to where it belongs.

“No charges, no questions asked, just return the Bible. Keep the laptop, keep the hats, keep whatever, just the Bible that’s it,” she said.

The organization Stockton 209 Cares offered $200 reward and some friends also pitched in now offering $500 to the person who brings home that Bible or knows where it’s at.

You can drop it off the Bible or mail it to Stockton 209 Cares, no questions asked.


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