Stats and analytics, as nauseating as they can be at times, can be a helpful tool for determining areas of improvement in professionals sports.

Now that franchise price tags are as high as $1 billion in some cases, you can understand the endless search for anything to give you an advantage that will lead to wins and success.

My issue with some of these advanced statistics is they are starting to become a crutch for front offices. As more and more number-crunchers are being hired, sports experts who rely on their trained eyes and experience to evaluate talent are being pushed aside.

Just when I thought we’d reached the extreme in statistical analysis, the Phoenix Suns have taken things to another level.

They are now tracking high-fives. Insert eye roll here: ___.

In other news, they will also be passing out orange slices and juice boxes during halftime.

If you need a stat to keep track of how many times your players engage in high-fives, that tells me you have no clue what you’re doing. If you can’t gauge team commodore with your eyeballs then all hope is lost for you.

A head coach tweeting inspirational messages and wasting time on high-five stats goes only so far before coaching decisions on the court and front office assistance getting above average players on the roster will factor in. Am I wrong here?

The inmates have taken over the asylum. The end of the world is near. Why? Because the sad thing is, they won’t be the last team to partake in this insanity.


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