By Jennifer McGraw

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – Police are warning its citizens to lock up their homes, but the recent Facebook post freaked some people out.

“It’s a great neighborhood, we’ve had no problems at all,” said Allison Collins, a mother of four.

Just about anyone you ask will tell you the same thing.

“It’s a pretty safe neighborhood, so we don’t see that stuff very often,” said Brian Baglietto, a neighbor.

So when Rocklin police posted a message on Twitter, next-door, and it’s own Facebook page indicating residential burglaries are on the rise, it cut people by surprise. That, along with the posting a photo showing ways to protect doors and windows with bars.

“I can’t imagine ever putting bars on my doors. We moved to this neighborhood to not have to put bars on my doors,” Collins said.

Rocklin Police told CBS13, in fact, the burglaries are not on the rise across the whole city, just in one small area.

As for the bar doors, Lt. Scott Horrillo said it’s just a suggestion and residents should do only what they feel comfortable with.

Police say protecting yourself can be as easy as just shutting your garage door.

Investigators say a couple of homes were hit off of Sierra College Boulevard near Rocklin Road.

The thieves went straight through the garage.

“Always lock your house, close your windows, if you have an alarm set it,” Horrillo said.

He also said vehicle theft is on the rise.

“Don’t keep any valuables inside your vehicles or lock them in the trunk. Even with the doors locked, your property isn’t safe,” he added.

Relived neighbors said they will take the spirit behind the social media hints.

“Just knowing that this is a pretty safe neighborhood I think we all just rest on knowing that and we don’t take some of those measures to protect ourselves, our homes, and our cars, so hopefully this will give us some more awareness to do stuff like that,” said Baglietto.

  1. IT caught people by surprise, not “cut” people by surprise.

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