By Angela Musallam

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The LGBT community in Sacramento isn’t happy with President Donald Trump’s latest decision to strip transgender students of their federal protection.

On Wednesday, the president rescinded the protections that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

Leaders and lawmakers met at the state Capitol on Thursday, denouncing the president’s decision, calling it an attack on transgender youth.

Trump’s decision does not affect state law; transgender students in Sacramento can still use the restroom they identify best with.

“I want my child who is in early kindergarten, I want him to love everyone no matter what and accept people,” said Rebekah Scoville.

Scoville talks to her sons about equality and stresses the importance of seeing everyone as an equal. Scoville says she’s disappointed the president is setting a bad example.

“He clearly doesn’t care about school safety, equal protection under the law,” said David Heitstuman.

Heitstuman is the executive director of Sacramento’s LGBT Center and says transgender youth already have a tough time fitting in at school. He says the president’s directive is only going to be more damaging.

“It only puts a target on their backs really, that says that person is other, that person is not welcome to learn at our school,” he said.

But that’s not the case at schools within the Sacramento Unified School District.

“We have several dozen transgender students in our district that have 100-percent of our support and our commitment,” said Jay Hansen.

Board president Jay Hansen says the district has allowed transgender students to use restrooms that correspond with their gender identity since 2013.

“Their ability to be able to get a great education and feel supported, that’s what we are all about,” added Hansen.

Hansen says there haven’t been any problems — in fact — he says the quality of transgender students’ education has improved.
But some opponents disagree, saying school is a place to learn and not express your gender identity.

“If you’re gonna have your sexual organs changed to be a different gender, I think you maybe should use the restroom in your home,” said one man.

According to Heitstuman, 75-percent of transgender youth say they feel uncomfortable in schools.

CBS13 reached out to other school districts around the Sacramento area that said transgender students will always be treated equally, no matter what happens at the federal level.

  1. Jerry Cason says:

    men means men and ladies mean ladies if they don’t know what they are go home

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