By Drew Bollea

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Thursday made comments about marijuana that both ignited concern in some and sparked hope in others.

Spicer, when asked about recreational marijuana said there is “still federal law that we need to abide by.”

His comments are in direct conflict with statements then-candidate Donald Trump made while on the campaign trail saying it was a “state issue.”

“We don’t want to overreact to the comments of the White House Press Secretary. We’ll see what enforcement actions are actually taken,” said Jason Kinney.

Kinney is a spokesperson for the Yes on 64 campaign.

“I think it’s wholly unrealistic not to mention wildly unpopular for this administration which has held up states’ rights on numerous issues, to then trample on states’ rights,” Kinney continued.

He watched as Spicer expressed the need for federal law to be followed when it comes to recreational marijuana.

“I do believe that you’ll see more enforcement of it,” Spicer said during a press briefing on Thursday.

Currently the department of justice leaves marijuana laws up to the states.

Which is something Republican Trump supporter Rep. Tom McClintock agreed with during his town hall meeting Wednesday night.

“When commerce is entirely within the boundaries of the state, it is a state jurisdiction and the federal government needs to mind its own business,” said McClintock.

Prop 64 was overwhelmingly approved in November. Kinney says changing course would be dramatic and expensive.

“More billions of dollars to perpetuate a war that has basically failed in the mind of the public,” said Kinney.

But some were encouraged by Spicer’s comments on the topic.

“I’m glad he finally got to it,” said Roger Morgan.

Morgan started the Take Back America Campaign to keep kids of drugs. He’s been fighting drug use for decades.

Morgan says California is in violation of federal law and should be penalized.

“There is no justification for continuing to reward states or local communities or individuals that grow an illicit drug,” explained Morgan.

The newly appointed U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has publicly shared Morgan’s view. He once said “good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

Spicer didn’t give many details about how or to what extent the federal government would get involved in the marijuana issue.

Comments (2)
  1. The CHP may not arrest you, but ATF and US Marshalls will. How great is that?

  2. Drug dealers and traffickers deserve the death penalty, for the all poison they push into our communities. That’s how they do it in many other countries. And they don’t have a fraction of our addiction problem.

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