SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Snow below the 2000’ mark is expected over the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Cold temperatures have been sending a chill over Northern California after a series of storms rolled through earlier in the week. Friday again saw a chilly start, with many Valley areas dipping below 40 degrees just before dawn.

As clouds roll in later on Friday, the foothills and mountains will see a slight chance of showers.

Come Saturday through Monday, Northern California will see scattered light showers. A few inches of snow is expected in the mountains.

NWS forecasters say the snow level could be between 1500-2500′ mark. Of course, forecasters say not to expect heavy accumulation of snow at that level. However, traffic could be severely affected.

The wet weather will start to let up by Tuesday. The valley should start seeing fairer skies that day, while only slight snow accumulation is expected.

By Wednesday, NWS forecasters say the sun will be back and temperatures could be several degrees above normal.


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