By Drew Bollea

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva is once again facing criminal charges. An arrest warrant was issued for the embattled former Mayor and the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s office executed two search warrants at his home and at an organization he heads up.

“It’s part of the last four years. So I’m not surprised,” said Jeff Dundas, Silva’s neighbor.

Anthony Silva is again surrounded by a cloud of legal questions.

“There is a lot of things that make you scratch your head,” said Dundas.

On Thursday the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s office issued an arrest warrant for Silva and spent hours searching his home and the Stockton Kids Club, which Silva heads up.

The organization used to be part of the Boys and Girls Club of America until 2013 when their charter was revoked. Silva was the Executive Director at the time.

At each location, investigators carried out computers and boxes of documents.

“Just some financial records were taken and some other documents,” said Allen Sawyer, one of Silva’s attorneys.

Sawyer says the new investigation is solely financial, but he wasn’t able to go into detail. Sawyer says he was told by the DA that the recent run in with the law has nothing to do with Silva’s pending charges in Amador County.

Over the summer, Silva was accused of eavesdropping on a game of strip poker with teens at his Mayor’s Camp. He was also charged with providing them alcohol. The felony eavesdropping charges were dismissed. The other misdemeanor charges are pending. He has a hearing on the pending charges on March 7 but isn’t required to be in court.

“We’re going to look at it one day at a time while Anthony Silva is on a vacation overseas,” said Sawyer.

Silva is currently out of the county. Posting yesterday on Facebook, ” Apparently Stockton can manage without me so I’ve decided to go explore the world.”

silva post Attorney: Search Warrants Targeted Financial Details Related To Former Stockton Mayor

Back home, a world of trouble awaits Silva. The former mayor once again facing an arrest, his house and organization have been raided.

Still, supporters are sticking by his side.

“He’s a lovely man,” said one woman leaving Silva’s home.

It’s not known when Silva will return to the United States. His charges will be made available on Friday.


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