SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California wildlife advocates say they are searching for seven gray wolves that haven’t been spotted in months.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Saturday ( the first wolf pack to make the state home in nearly a century hasn’t been seen since May 2016.

The family, known as the Shasta Pack, disappeared from southeastern Siskiyou County over the past year.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist Pete Figura tells the newspaper they could have migrated to a new region with more pray. Though he points out it’s unusual for the canine pack hunters to abandon their breeding grounds.

Other wildlife advocates say they fear the animals were poisoned by farmers trying to protect their livestock.

Figura says he has no evidence to suggest the wolves have died.


Information from: The San Francisco Chronicle:


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  1. Disappeared a year ago and don’t think they’ve died? How about some AH shot or poisoned them?

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