By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Police released video of an officer-involved shooting for the first time since a new transparency law for police shootings was put in place.

The dashcam video shows the frantic moments after police and suspect Armani Lee exchanged gunfire on Del Paso Boulevard in North Sacramento on February 10. Mostly, the 21 video clips show police vehicles responding to the scene with lights and sirens blaring.

There is no body cam video of the shooting, as the department is in the process of rolling out its program. A contract was approved earlier this month for 750 body cameras, and the program is expected to be in place by September.

The new transparency law requires police to release video publicly 30 days after a shooting unless granted a waiver.

The police department released this video two weeks late after the chief was scolded by the Sacramento City Council for not having it ready.

“I do have to say the department has put us in a bit of a quagmire,” Councilman Eric Guerra said, prior to the release of the video.

“I and a little disappointed that we’re having this conversation,” Councilwoman Angelique Ashby said.

After the release, a Sacramento police spokesperson called the video release a learning experience.

Black Lives Matters Attorney Mark Harris called the late release a clear violation of law.

“Going forward the council and the mayor need to deal with what the penalty will be for a future potential violation,” Harris said.


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