By Angela Musallam

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A 25-year-old Sacramento man is now behind bars after calling 911 to confess he had killed his girlfriend.

It happened Tuesday afternoon when Sacramento County Sheriff’s detectives say Joshua Childers shot and killed 24-year old Victoria Vasquez at her South Sacramento home.

Childers then drove to Placer County, called 911 and told sheriff’s deputies where to find him.

A close friend of the victim tells CBS 13 she was blindsided to hear her friend is gone.

“She gave up her whole life when she had her son, he was her whole life,” said Kajsa Hawkins.

Hawkins calls 24-year old Victoria Vasquez her best friend, and a super mom who will be dearly missed. Hawkins has been friends with Vasquez for ten years and says she was the most genuine and caring person.

“The way she carried herself, she was very confident and sure in who she was,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins last saw Vasquez a few weeks ago when they met up for an ice-cream playdate with their children. She says Vasquez has a 3-year old son, who she shares with Childers.

Hawkins says she didn’t know that would be the last time she’d see her best friend.

“To hear what happened really, really shocks me,” said Hawkins.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, 25-year old Joshua Childers shot Vasquez, his girlfriend, in the head inside her South Sacramento home. Deputies say Childers then drove to Placer County, called 911 and confessed to killing Vasquez, before giving deputies his location.

“It doesn’t happen often, we wish it did, but it does occur once in a while when someone rationalizes what they did,” said Sgt. Tony Turnbull, a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department spokesman.

Sgt. Turnbull says the toddler was not with the victim at the time of the shooting and is safe. Detectives are now looking into what led to the shooting.

“They broke up and got back together quite a bit,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins says Vasquez didn’t say much about Childers. The biggest regret for Hawkins now is not knowing her best friend’s boyfriend well enough.

“Maybe if I had said something, if they were arguing she could have stayed on my couch for a few days. I don’t know,” said Hawkins.

CBS 13 reached out to the victim’s family Wednesday, but they did not want to speak. Childers is behind bars at the Sacramento County Jail without bail. He will be arraigned in court on Thursday.


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