SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Redding mother of two who claimed she was kidnapped while out on a jog last year was previously reported to law enforcement by her family, according to police reports obtained by The Sacramento Bee.

The reports document a series of incidents to police by her mother, father and sister between 2000 and 2003. There were three incidents where Papini’s family called the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office for help.

Investigators say the November kidnapping case is still open, and have no reason not to believe Papini’s story.

More than a decade before Sherri Papini claims she was abducted while out jogging, police reports indicate her mother called the sheriff looking for help with the then-21-year-old. Her mother claimed Papini was injuring herself and blaming her for the injuries.

The reports also contain complaints of burglary, taking unauthorized money from a checking account and kicking down a family member’s back door. The reports all name Papini as an alleged suspect, but don’t mention anything about an arrest.

They do provide some added background to the now-34-year-old’s life and the kidnapping case that captured headlines four months ago. The married mother of two disappeared on Nov. 2 while she was jogging in Shasta County, leaving her phone behind with the headphones neatly coiled on top. She was found on Thanksgiving morning in Yolo County, some 150 miles from home.

Papini told investigators two Hispanic women kidnapped her, beat her and held her hostage, but so far no one has been arrested in the case.

Shortly after Papini was found, her husband penned a statement detailing her physical state, saying her nose was broken, her long blonde hair was cut off and she was covered in bruises, burns and rashes.

  1. Hoping they will eventually have the answer to this case.

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