By Drew Bollea

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Three innocent victims are recovering after being caught in the cross fire of a Del Paso Heights shooting Sunday afternoon. One of the victims was still in the hospital on Wednesday after needing to have a kidney removed.

“You know I tell him he’s my hero,” said the boy’s mother.

She watched as her 11-year-old son was hit by bullets.

“When the bullets started flying, he instantly thought of his sister,” the mother said.

The young man saved his sister’s life.

“He shielded her basically with his body,” said the mother. “The bullets hit him so they didn’t touch the baby.”

The shooting happened during a 2-year-old’s birthday party in Del Paso Heights in Mama Marks park over the weekend.

People in the area say they heard six shots when a group, unrelated to the birthday party, got in a fight and someone opened fire.

“The victims were in the right place. They were at the park having a birthday party with their families,” said Mervin Brookins a community advocate, suggesting the shooters were in the wrong place.

Brookins spoke to the other victims of the shooting on Wednesday. He says a six year old girl is recovering as well as a 20 year old woman.

“She’s doing good. Of course the emotional scares are there. Physically she’s healing,” explained Brookins.

Brookins says the community support has been overwhelming. People are wanting to help the victims and their families anyway they can.

“She is a member of our community and there was need,” said Dresden Vogt, “so people who could fill those needs came forward.

Vogt and several other women have spent time at the hospital with the boy’s mother.

“Just making sure that mom has all the support that she needs,” said Vogt.

“We’ll pick ourselves up by the boot straps and come together and love each other through it and move on as family,” said Bookings.

Sacramento City Councilman Allen Warren posted a message of support on his Facebook page along with information for ways people can help the victims.

Police are still looking for whoever pulled the trigger.


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