FRESNO (CBS13) – A woman was found near Table Mountain on Tuesday mostly naked and not knowing who she is, police say.

The Fresno Police Department says the woman was found walking in the middle of Millerton Road early Tuesday morning. She was nearly naked and her hair was wet; officers say she told them she was a mermaid named “Joanna.”

Officers say the woman answers most questions with “I don’t know.”

jane doe poster Woman Found Walking Street Nearly Naked, Claims Shes A Mermaid

Even after fingerprinting the woman and going through records, police have not been able to find out her identity. Police note she has webbed toes on both feet.

Police have taken to social media to ask for help in finding the woman’s family.

Anyone who knows the woman’s family or with any other information about the case is asked to call Fresno police at (559) 621-2455.

  1. Just another strange incident in a strange place. She claims to be a mermaid.. illegal aliens claim to be immigrants.. it is the California weirdness. Sometimes, late a night when no one can see, I join the insanity by filling my spa with tomato sauce. I then jump in and fantasize about being a meatball.

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