SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Gov. Jerry Brown will make his final transportation funding bill push at the State Capitol on Wednesday.

Tuesday, Gov. Brown was in Riverside to drum up support for the $52 billion plan to fix California’s roads.

Alongside union workers and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, the governor reiterated his stance that now is the time for the bill – saying it will not get cheaper.

De Leon says the bill will contain a lockbox to make sure money from the tax can only be spent on road repairs.

The bill requires a two-thirds vote to pass the legislature.

Comments (2)
  1. It’s called maintenance. Just like they should have done with the dams. Where have all the billions gone Ca has paid in taxes? We pay too much and don’t get anything for those tax money’s.

  2. Keith Dixon says:

    gov. brown is nothing but a school yard BULLY. He continues to fail the people of California. If he dose not get what he wants he uses threats to get what he wants. Should impeached!!!

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