By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Someone has broken into a home where a family of four was found murdered just weeks ago, bringing more pain to a family already facing unspeakable tragedy.

As the heinous quadruple homicide case goes to trial against a father accused of murdering his wife, his children, and his niece, police confirm a new twist to the heart-breaking crime scene.

“Now the family is being re-victimized again,” Sacramento police spokeswoman Linda Matthew said.

Neighbor Rita Munoz called the cops after she says she watched someone emerge from the home carrying a duffel bag. Police found there had been a forced entry.

“I called out to him and I said ‘hey,’ so that I could ask him what he was doing, because it was just really odd, he was carrying a really heavy black duffel bag,” Munoz said.

Munoz says the man drove away in a gray sedan. The break-in comes after police began extra patrols at the vacant home.

So far, there’s no telling if the burglar was a common criminal or someone seeking evidence from the murder case.

The DA would not comment on the break-in.

“I would really want to know what’s in that bag,” former Sacramento prosecutor Michael Wise said. “It could be something that has some evidentiary value, to show guilt, or innocent to what is obviously a serious trial.”

Immediately after the family’s bodies were discovered, CSI teams spent days inside the home, processing the murder scene. Attorney Linda Parisi represents murder suspect Salvador Vasquez-Oliva. She says she is still waiting to bring her own investigators into the home.

“And if that place has now been broken into, that violates the integrity of that scene,” Parisi said. “And it may now be contaminated.”

The home of a quadruple murder has now turned into the target of a crook.