EDITOR’S NOTE: The teen was found on April 11, but due to the circumstances of the investigation, we have redacted her name from this story, as we do not identify sexual assault victims.

LIVE OAK (CBS13) – A mother and father are desperate for answers after their daughter vanished.

The teen asked to step out of her church in Live Oak on the evening of April 5. She has not been seen since.

“I brought my daughter to church on wed night it started at seven o’clock,” said her mom.

Her mom says the teen got up 45 minutes later to get some air. When she didn’t come back, her mother went looking for her – concerned about how the medication the teen took earlier made her pass out.

No one has seen her since.

The teen vanished roughly five miles away from where another missing person’s truck was found along Levee Road in an orchard – 20-year-old Alycia Yeoman.

Both Alycia and the teen are petite and brunette, both were last seen about the same time of day – just before 8 p.m. – yet investigators don’t think the two cases are related.

The Department of Justice is treating the teen’s case as a runaway. The Sutter County Sheriff’s Department can only confirm the case is under investigation.

The teen’s dad just wants her home.

“I miss her and just want to know she is OK,” he said.

The teen’s family is asking for anyone with information about Annalise’s whereabouts to come forward.


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