SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – The California Senate has approved more than $900 million worth of road and train projects that were promised to lawmakers in order to secure their support for a hike in gas taxes and vehicle fees.

The Senate’s 27-13 vote on Monday follows the passage this month of the transportation bill projected to raise more than $5 billion a year for road repairs and other transportation projects.

Gov. Jerry Brown and top legislative leaders agreed to support priority projects for four lawmakers who were undecided on the tax hike, which was approved with their support.

They include a commuter train linking San Jose to the Central Valley, a new highway to University of California, Merced and road projects in Riverside County.

SB132 goes next to the Assembly.


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Comments (2)
  1. James Hartsf says:

    well the gas tax was sopose to go to the roads not other places and didn’t they added a gas tax some time ago so the question that cbs 13 should be asking where all the money going we been paying a road tax in are gas for quite a wile with no road work being done

  2. That tax was for the roads, not the freaking train. Fk brn lying pos.

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