SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – School officials say they took immediate action after a rat was seen running around a classroom on Monday.

In a video was captured by Veronica Luther, who was working as a substitute teacher at Kennedy High School, a rat can be seen on students’ desks, on the floor and running up the wall of a classroom.

Luther posted a couple of videos to her Facebook page of the rat scurrying around.

“I told them I wouldn’t be comfortable coming back for the second day of the assignment if they couldn’t get rid of the rat and sanitize the classroom,” Luther wrote.

Maria Lopez, a spokesperson for the school, said that Kennedy High had been closed for most of the week for spring break. The principal took action immediately after the teacher reported the incident and had the students relocated.

The classroom was also sanitized twice. Students were allowed to come back into the classroom on Tuesday, Lopez said.

A trap was set up and a rat was caught later Monday, but it’s not clear if it was the same rat caught on video.

River rats are said to be common in the area and Lopez said recent flooding, and the fact the school is close to the river, has caused recurring problems with the vermin. The school has received one to two reports of sightings a month because of all the flooding, officials say.

The videos together have racked up more than 20,000 views as of late Tuesday morning.



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