DAVIS (CBS13) – Two Davis police officers were injured during annual Picnic Day activities, the department reports.

On Saturday around 3:30 p.m. three officers were traveling in an unmarked police vehicle along Russell Boulevard when they drove up to a large group of people blocking the roadway. There were several large parties in the area and the road was almost gridlocked, so the officers decided to stop and prepare to take action, according to a statement from the Davis Police Department.

The officers and their vehicle were surrounded by a large group, and several people began yelling at the officers. One of the people in the crowd simulated taking out a gun. As the officers, who were reportedly wearing badges and had guns in plain view, got out and identified themselves as police, they were knocked to the ground, punched and kicked. One officer was hit on the side of his head with a bottle.

One officer was able to fight back and summon help.

Both officers who were injured were taken to Sutter Davis Hospital for treatment. One suffered injuries to his eye and face, while the other, who was hit with the bottle, was treated for a head wound.

Three people were arrested in the assault. Alexander Reide Craver, 22, of West Sacramento, was arrested on charges of aggravated battery, assaulting a peace officer, felony obstruction of a peace officer, and assault with a deadly weapon. Antwoine Rashadek Perry, 21, of Elk Grove, was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and felony obstruction of a peace officer. Elijah James Williams, 19, of West Sacramento, was arrested on charges of assault on a peace officer, aggravated battery, assault with a deadly weapon, and felony obstruction of a police officer.

Police urge anyone with video of the assault or information about the incident to contact them at (530) 747–5400.

Comments (2)
  1. Hey, drunk animals of UC Davis…
    Good luck finding a decent job with those types of convictions on a background check.
    And any girl smart enough to check your background before dating or marrying you, will also find it, too.
    Kiss your future good bye.

    Picnic Day is also known as Riot Day. A sad excuse where the bar owners make all the profits, and the city has to clean up the vomit and violence-filled mess left behind.
    Every bar should be charged a $1,000 fee if they’re open on Picnic Day.

    1. They’ll have no problem finding a job. Hell, I’m shocked Jerry Brown isn’t running a GoFundMe campaign to cover their legal bills & bail money.

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