MODESTO (CBS13) — A Modesto high school event dubbed “Campus Clash 2017” got out of hand after students themselves started to clash as the event ended, forcing Modesto police officers and the Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputies to be called in.

Now in its fifth year, organizers describe Campus Clash as a big prep rally, bringing together Modesto-area high school students for a series of friendly competitions, ranging from cheerleading to jeopardy and a pizza eating contest.

But as the event came to a close, around 20 students began to clash with one another at different locations.

“There wasn’t 100 kids fighting. There wasn’t this brawl. There was just a couple of kids who were mouthing off to each other and talking smack,” insists Glen Berteau, the pastor at The House Modesto, the faith-based organization that hosts Campus Clash at their 40 acre Modesto location on Coffee Street.

Berteau downplayed the crowds of students gathering after the event, saying it was just “kids being kids,” but he does admit to calling the police after crowds got out of hand.

“If we see anybody that is attempting to cause a problem and cause any kind of violence, or cause something at all, or challenge somebody, we are going to call the police. And they will come and deal with it,” said Berteau.

Heather Graves with the Modesto Police Department says cops arrived on scene and immediately called or back up to help with crowd control.

Some, who attended the event, took to social media, acknowledging yelling and confusion. But once police arrived, the crowds quickly dispersed.

“After we arrived, several officers were able to get everybody to disperse from the area,” explained Graves. “We didn’t have any reports of any injuries or victims, and no suspects were identified.

Berteau says many students contacted him, asking him not to cancel next year’s event. He says he has no plans to do that.

Because this is not a school sanctioned competition, it is unlikely any of the students or schools will be penalized.


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