By Shirin Rajaee

GRIDLEY– The mother of the missing 20-year old Yuba College student, Alycia Yeoman, is breaking her silence.

It’s been nearly a month since Aly went missing, and now in an exclusive interview with CBS 13’s Shirin Rajaee, her mother has a desperate plea to bring her daughter home.

Paula Ede says it’s taken her weeks to have the courage to speak out and that the last few weeks have been a heart-wrenching experience for her and her family.

“I wouldn’t put this on my worst enemy to go through this,” said Ede.

With every day that passes, Ede says it gets more and more difficult.

“I worry about her eating, I worry about her sleeping. For a while, I couldn’t eat or sleep, cause I felt if she can’t do that, I shouldn’t be able to.”

Aly’s mother says she and her daughter would stay in close contact, texting all the time, so she knew when the texting stopped that something was wrong.

“She loved to talk to us, every second of the day it would be like ‘Mom what are you doing?’ ‘Mom I miss you…but it wasn’t happening anymore,” she said.

Aly is a Yuba College student who was working two jobs at the local Starbucks and McDonald’s in Gridley.

She was last seen the night of March 30 leaving a friend’s house on Romero Street in Yuba City.

“I’m terrified, I don’t know if she’s hurt, I don’t know whose hurting her, I don’t know what’s happened, I just want her back home.”

Aly’s truck was found a few days later, down a levee, in an orchard— stuck in the mud.

The Sutter County Sheriff’s Department, Gridley Police, the FBI and other agencies have been actively searching. A citizen spotted Aly’s cell phone near her abandoned truck and a single pair of footprints were found walking away from her vehicle.

Ede says the family is staying strong, but she felt compelled to finally speak out.

“This is me telling her I love her, telling her I miss her, and I just want her home,” she said.

When asked if she believe’s Aly is alive, Ede responded: “you just have this mother’s intuition, you can just feel it, so yes, I do believe she’s alive.”

Aly’s mother wouldn’t speak on the details of the investigation but says she’s trusting that law enforcement is working diligently to find Aly and she doesn’t wish to speculate or point blame.

Her plea is now to the public.

“I just feel someone knows something, and they need to come forward. It’s a matter of someone’s life.”

The reward for information leading to the Aly’s whereabouts is $50,000.

Ede says the outpouring of support has kept the family strong. They’re holding a candlelight vigil for Aly Sunday night at 7:30 across from the Starbucks where Aly used to work.

She hopes the community continues to fight for her daughter’s safe return.


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