By Steve Large

MODESTO (CBS13) — By nightfall, there was no more bracing for physical confrontation. Ann Coulter’s evening in Modesto had ended without incident.

“It was pretty quiet, just a couple little shouting matches,” Coulter supporter Bob Longmore said.

“From what I’ve seen everybody was peaceful, respectful both sides of the protest,” anti-Coulter protester Paul Yanez said.

Coulter was in Modesto speaking to an audience at a Republican Party fundraiser. Tickets started at $125 each.

Modesto Bee editorial writer Mike Dunbar was inside the event that came the same week as a Coulter’s speech at UC Berkeley was canceled over threats of violence.

“I think what it may have proved to the city of Modesto that we can disagree and not have trouble,” Dunbar said.

There were moments of tension between protesters that never escalated to violence. Modesto police showed heavy police presence, at one point standing between two sides. Officers were also positioned on rooftops, and used mounted patrols outside the venue.

“My message is we don’t want her here we don’t need her here,” protester Jose Moreno said. “Bring somebody that’s gonna give something to the community.”

“They really like to demonize her so we’re just here to show our support,” Coulter supporter Landon Norman said.

A controversial political personality comes to Modesto. Despite plans for chaos, there were no big problems.

  1. I’m all for freedom of speech, but why would anybody PAY to see any of these POS AH’s?

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