By Kurtis Ming

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Last year we met a bride and groom-to-be Trish and Ryan. The couple along with 20 family and friends had booked flights for a destination wedding in Cancun. But months before the wedding, the group learned the airline canceled their flights.

After we got involved, Travelocity fixed the problem and accommodated all the passengers.

In February everyone whose flights were previously canceled arrived at the wedding on time.

So Trish and Ryan were surrounded by their family and friends when they tied the knot in Cancun.

Previous story:
With both of their parents sitting behind them in the ride holding up signs “Will You Marry Me” Trish didn’t see Ryan’s proposal message until walking off her favorite ride, Disney’s Hollywood Tower of Terror.

“I’ve never been that happy before,” said bride to be Trish Vander Leun.

The dark home video picks it up from there when Ryan Albers got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

“I got so excited, and I started crying,” said Trish.

They planned a destination wedding in Cancun around Valentine’s Day. Twenty family members and friends locked in flights 10 months in advance through Travelocity.

But over the summer, an unwelcome email showed up.

“As soon as I got that, my heart dropped,” said Trish.

It said Aeromexico canceled one of their flights and some family and friends wouldn’t get in until a day later. That would be too late for the rehearsal dinner.

And if they wanted an earlier flight?

“It’s almost four times as much as we paid to get there now,” Ryan said.

But CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg says if there was an issue with the original flight, the travel agent or airline should rebook them on a flight that’s convenient to them at no extra charge or refund them.

“A contract is a contract, a promise made,” he said. “Is Travelocity operating as an agent for the passenger or the agent for the airline?”

Once we reached out to Travelocity it said: “Airlines will adjust schedules from time to time based on business needs, so while this can’t be avoided, every effort will always be taken to re-accommodate passengers.”

After we got involved, Travelocity made sure everyone was on a flight to get to the wedding time, with no extra charges.

Now in the final stretch, Trish and Ryan can move onto the other stresses of planning a destination wedding with all their friends and family.

“These are people that we really love and care about,” she said.

To protect your future travel plans:
– It’s always a good idea to call the airline directly to make sure you have a reservation.
– You can find deals online through aggregate sites but can go to the airline directly to book, cutting out a middleman if there are any problems.


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