We are all to blame

Relax, he’s my fault too. Most likely even more than yours.

LaVar Ball is the latest in a stream of gas lighters that have taken the sports (and political) world by storm. Sure he says some outlandish stuff, but the only reason we ever hear about it is because people write about it.

And talk about it.

And read about it.

It’s a refrain I’ve heard for years – why does anyone watch Ball/the Kardashians/American Idol/whatever reality show. Its simple. Because you want to watch them.

While the media can certainly be blamed for shaping narratives, the media also doesn’t cover anything that doesn’t move the needle (at least not for long). There’s a reason why Stephen A. Smith is the most coveted personality asset ESPN has, not Bob Ley. Is there anyone that isn’t brain dead that wouldn’t say Ley is more valuable in his contributions in every way? Of course he is, but he doesn’t move the needle like Smith does. Its why shows like “Yak Yak Yell Over A Table” are so en vogue, while the Sports Reporters gets canceled. Its how we are.

If you want to get a good idea at the real truth of a person, check their DVR. We all like to think we watch hi brow programming, but numbers show that there’s plenty of lowbrow in between. Its just the way it is.

Ball gets play because people want to be aghast at the latest thing he said. They act shocked that a dog barks, and then want to argue about the nature of the bark and what the bark means for the future of barking. Then we analyze barks of the past. It’s the vicious cycle.

Lonzo Ball #2 of the UCLA Bruins sets up a play against the USC Trojans during a quarterfinal game of the Pac-12 Basketball Tournament at T-Mobile Arena on March 9, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. UCLA won 76-74.

(Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Ball is the flavor of the month, likely to be months. We still have the lead up to and actual draft itself, followed by- you know- his kid (what’s his name?) actually PLAYING BASKETBALL.

Either the elder Ball will begin to fade back once his son gets on a team, or more likely- he will be grading the coach, team, personnel, and continue to put his son in hot water.

By the way, and I called this from Day One – “Living with the Balls” or some iteration is coming to a reality show screening near you. It’s absolutely inevitable.


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