By Angela Musallam

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — City-owned property in Sacramento is in violation of the city code.

A parcel right across from Oki Park in the city’s College-Glen neighborhood is overflowing with weeds that top at least six feet. Residents are worried the field will eventually catch fire and burn their homes.

As of Monday, dry weeds over a foot tall are in violation of the city code.

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“We are worried that something can happen at any moment,” said Francisco Castanos.

He lives right behind the field of dry, overgrown weeds along Wissemann Drive.

The weeds are over six feet tall in some areas, and they’re making Francisco nervous.

“I can see them they are taller than my fence now, I can see them swaying in the wind,” said Francisco.

This isn’t a new issue to Francisco. He says every year, he goes out to the field with his weed-wacker and creates defensible space for his home in case there’s a fire. He says he’s caught transients lighting camp fires by the field and says it’s only a matter of time before they ignite these weeds.

“You can’t see anything, I mean look,” said Jacqui Naud, a neighbor.

Naud says she’s sick of having to call the city every year to alert them of the overgrown weeds. She wants to know why code enforcement isn’t cracking down on the parcel.

“I’d like to see them clean their own lot first,” Naud said.

CBS13 found out the city owns it, and the lot is maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department. CBS13 asked Parks and Rec why hasn’t it mowed down the weeds after code enforcement announced its deadline was on Monday.

The department sent this statement in response, saying in part: “Due to the historically wet winter, the Parks department is experiencing some backlog in addressing weather-related maintenance.”

A city department violating its own code, and residents feeling like they’re caught in the cross-fire.

“All it takes is one spark and this thing goes up,” Naud said.

Parks and Rec employees didn’t specify when they would mow the weeds in the field. It’s unclear whether code enforcement will fine the department before it addresses the issue.


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