Hour 1

Someone other than the Cleveland Cavs and Golden State Warriors have won a game in the conference finals. The Boston Celtics won game 3 vs the Cavs after coming back from 21 behind. Hear Jason Ross who is in for Grant Napear and Doug Christie speak about if the win is just a blip on the radar or if it means something.

Hour 2

Mike Oz of the Big League Stew joined the fellas in hour two to discuss if we will ever see Tim Tebow in a MLB jersey. Plus, why does Mike Trout seem to not get the attention and credit he deserves as a once in a generation ball player!

Hour 3

Former Kings G Bobby Jackson joins Jason and Doug in hour three to discuss the prospects the Kings may be looking and probably should be looking at when it comes to this year’s NBA Draft.

Hour 4

In hour four of the show, the fellas discuss the NBA Draft prospects, who the Kings should bring back between the point guards Darren Collinson or Ty Lawson and if the Spurs lose will this be the last we will see of Manu Ginobili.


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