By Drew Bollea

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Manchester attack has once again brought attention to large venue security and the procedures law enforcement use to keep people safe.

“They can’t operate like a prison but they have to have adequate safety measures,” said Jeff Solomon with D-PREP Disaster Preparedness Training.

Terrorist have targeted places with large crowds at times and locations where security may be relaxed.

“We want to train people to use simple things like look for the exits, look for your entrances, look for where the fire extinguisher is,” said Solomon.

He has 24 years of law enforcement experience. He also trains police and civilians about security measures.

“To protect life,” said Solomon, “prevent what we saw yesterday in Manchester, England.”

He says police use a layered approach to thwarting terror attacks. The layers include technology systems like cameras and sensors, physical barriers, and finely tuned policies and training.

When a threat becomes active and a shooting or bombing takes place, Solomon says it’s because of a series of small mishaps have led to a breakdown in the security layers.

He says a missed note, or a guard not a their post can be the crack in the security armor that someone wanting to cause harm can benefit from.

Solomon also says there is plenty of police work that the public isn’t aware of.

“A lot of times they’ll put plain clothes officers in what we call in the forward positions in parking lots, walking through the crowds,” said Solomon.

The Sacramento Police Department declined to comment on their specific procedures and policies for large crowd control and event security. But they do say, there is a lot of planning behind the scenes for any event of any size, whether it be a small protest or an event at Golden 1 Center.

But the best defense against a terror threat may be vigilant people nearby.

“Be that one person and say something and get the ball rolling,” said Solomon.

Solomon says there are ways people can better prepare themselves to respond if they’re caught up in an attack.

Solomon says people should follow the “MERIT” acronym, which stands for Move, Evacuate, Respond, Inform, and Treat.

Solomon says there is a push by the federal government to better educate civilians about ways to help yourself and others in the case of an active shooter or bombing event. The initiative is called “Stop the Bleed.”


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