Hour 1

Would you right now make a 6 players for 1 trade if you were the Sacramento Kings for Lebron James? Listen as Jason and Doug discuss if “The King” Lebron James is worth bringing in to the fold at his current state.

Hour 2

In hour the fellas discuss the Eastern Conference Finals game 4 and how Kyrie Irving took over the contest. Plus Dan Feldman of ProbasketballTalk.Com joins the show to talk all things NBA.

Hour 3

Who do the Sacramento Kings have in mind for their two first round picks… Hear Kings Insider James Ham jump on with Doug and Jason in hour three to discuss who he feels would be the perfect picks for the team.

Hour 4

Colin Kaepernick is expected to be in Seattle today for workouts and a visit with the Seattle Seahawks. Listen as Gregg Bell of the Tacoma Times Tribune jumps on the show to update the ongoing status of his visit and chances of his signing with the team.


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