SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police are searching for suspects who reportedly tried to pull a child into their car Thursday morning.

At 9:11 a.m., police received a call that two boys were walking to Leataata Floyd Elementary School in the area of 3rd Street and Seavey Circle when they got into an argument and were separated. That’s when a white Kia Sedona van with two suspects inside — one Caucasian, and one Black — reportedly rolled up.

One of the suspects got out, tried to talk to one of the students and then tried to pull him into the van. When parents approached the van, the suspect got back in and drove off, according to a statement from the Sacramento Police Department.

An adult reportedly saw the incident.

The students reported seeing a handgun.

Sacramento police are at the school investigating the incident.

  1. I bet you that van probably had fake paper plates or no plate at all. These sound like professionals in the secx trafficking trade. Note that they targeted a kid who was alone, separated, and who was late for school.
    A two-man team working together to grab kids and sell them.
    Probably working for someone higher up.
    If they are caught, they should be water-boarded until they confess the name of their boss.

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