By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Dark black smoke filled the sky in Stockton as fire crews worked to control a fast moving four-alarm fire. It happened just as many people were heading home from work near downtown Stockton.

Several agencies from around San Joaquin County assisted in putting it out.

William Snipes lives just across the street from the pallet yard on the 2100 block of Weber. It was early Thursday shortly at 5 p-m when he noticed the smoke in the sky.

“Once we seen the fire going, it wasn’t going that bad when it first started but it started picking up because of the wind,” he said.

Firefighters say it was that wind that made controlling the fire difficult. The black heavy smoke could be seen for miles.

“You got a lot of people staying in the area, some of them don’t have renter’s insurance, some don’t have car insurance, a lot of people losing a lot of things over there,” said Snipes.

Streets surrounding Myrtle, Weber Avenue and D Street were blocked off. Some neighbors were even asked to leave their homes as those flames grew larger and closer.

“Officers arrived on scene as well as fire personnel and they had to evacuate several homes and ask several residents to leave that area,” said Rosie Calderon, Stockton Police Department.

Some people called it a chaotic scene as they attempted to leave the surrounding area.

“I told my husband, I’ll go see and check on my house, and then I’ll go to the house of my sister,” said neighbor Plaza Maldonado.


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