SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Video of a three-legged bear playing in a pool is starting to go viral.

The Performing Animal Wildlife Society released video of Mack, a bear who was orphaned two years ago with a partially missing leg.

The group says Mack was first spotted by visitors to a tree farm in the hills above Claremont, where his leg was already missing. No other bears had been seen in the area.

Weeks later on July 15, 2015, he was picked up at a school where he was seen climbing a fence. Care providers at the Fund For Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona found his leg had somehow been amputated, but the wound had healed with no evidence of infection.

PAWS eventually took over care of Mack, providing the active bear with an enclosure without too many obstacles. If there’s one thing that Mack enjoys doing, though, it’s splashing in a pool.

Mack has been at the center for just over nine months now. The group accepts donations to pay for his and other animals’ care.


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