SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – After some pretty unremarkable June days, Northern California looks poised to be hit with another wave of wet weather.

Come Wednesday night through Friday, temperatures are expected to cool down by 10-20 degrees as a late-season rain storm moves through the area. As the National Weather Service notes, satellite forecast imagery is looking more like conditions were in March than the usual June.

While wet weather sounds a bit like a strange occurrence in June, according to NWS it’s actually not all that rare.

June rain is relatively uncommon in Northern California, with NWS numbers showing that the month on average only contributes about 1 percent – about .19 inches – to the annual precipitation in Sacramento.

But Since 2000, there have been 18 days of June rain. This averages out to roughly one day of June rain per year, making June showers – at least in recent years – something to expect at least once during the month.

The most June rain Sacramento saw was back in 1884, according to NWS, when the area saw seven days of wet weather in the month.

NWS forecasters say the Delta Breeze will strengthen Wednesday night ahead of the wet weather.


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