“If LeBron James had beaten the Golden St Warriors he’d have surpassed Michael Jordan and been the greatest of all time.”

“Kevin Durant is the best player in all of basketball right now. He may wind up the greatest ever.”

“The Golden St Warriors are the greatest team we’ve ever seen”

Those are all quotes we’ve heard, rather regularly, over the course of the NBA playoffs, and perhaps more specifically over the course of this most recent NBA Finals.

The Golden St Warriors have had an incredible run, but its not over. LeBron James has had an incredible 14 year career, but its not over yet. This season was the Kevin Durant season. KD added an NBA Championship and an NBA Finals MVP trophy to his still growing trophy room. These stories are all in progress. Some of us need to remove ourselves from the moment and remember there are some pretty amazing stories that have already been told. Take a minute to reminded of a few of them…

This is an incredible highlight reel of Ervin Magic Johnson. A reminder of how magical he really was.

Our generation doesn’t know enough about Kareem Abdul Jabar. He crossed over between the two most prominent generations of basketball and I think most people lump him in with Bill Russell more then they do Magic Johnson. The all-time scoring leader, 6 championships, 6 MVPs.

You don’t need this, but I’m a Kobe guy, I can’t help it.


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