OAKLAND (CBS13) – The newly-minted 2017 NBA Finals champions are denying reports they’re skipping the customary visit to the president.

There had already been rumblings from the team that they would avoid the White House if they took the title. Warriors player Shaun Livingston made his feelings about a visit crystal clear several months ago, telling 95.7 The Game in no uncertain terms that “I definitely wouldn’t go.”

Tuesday, less than 24 hours after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120 to take the title, reports surfaced that the Warriors had decided against visiting the White House.

The vote was reportedly unanimous.

Warriors players – and even head coach Steve Kerr – have been outspoken critics of President Donald Trump and his policies. Kerr has denounced Trump’s policies as “un-American,” while Steph Curry called the president an asset – minus the “et.”

Later Tuesday morning, the Warriors released a statement saying they had not been invited to the White House, but will decide what to do if and when the invite comes.

Back in 2015, after winning their first championship since 1975, the Warriors kept with tradition and visited President Barack Obama’s White House.

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  1. Classic. I wonder if LeBron and the Cavs would have visited Trump at the White House if they would have won. http://www.empireboobookitty.com/2017/06/javale-mcgee-baby-mama-wife-snapchat.html

  2. Hope they skip trump, it’d make me want to but tickets and do the hometown proud.

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