By Marc Woodfork

“Independence Day” meets “National Treasure”  sums this film up.

Please let this truly be the last time we have to see a Transformers film.  Mark Wahlberg returns in this installment of the franchise.  Based on his performance, I think he’s even ready to let this die.  We get it.  Director Michael Bay can blow stuff up, and make an incredibly loud film full of action and dumb dialogue.  In this sequel, he goes all in.  This is by far the biggest, loudest, and most action-packed film in the series.  Wall to wall action.  It just doesn’t stop. There’s far too much action with a little comic relief mingled in.

Co-starring in the film is screen legend Anthony Hopkins.  I’m not sure why he felt the need to be apart of the movie since his talents are completely wasted in this.  It’s actually painful to watch such a gifted actor muddle through the awful script.  Even the diehard Transformers fan will find this film tiresome, and at times, irritating. Sure the CGI is very good,  but with the constant high-speed moving camera effects, it’s very hard to enjoy the experience.

If you go into this not expecting anything, then buckle up and enjoy the ride.  At a blistering two hours and 20 minutes, it overloads your senses and you’ll leave wondering if there was a film somewhere between the constant explosions and gun fire. I certainly hope this ends the franchise that began very well but lost itself when they decided to go big or go home.


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