By Angela Greenwood

TURLOCK (CBS13) — The drought may be over, but the water woes continue in the city of Turlock. As we head into the hot summer months, city officials say they’re having a hard time keeping up with water demand, and therefore, are still enforcing strict watering rules.

The drought may be declared over, but in Turlock, the impacts of some extremely dry years are still taking a toll.

Stanislaus County resident Kevin Kelleher said, “It affects all of us.”

Even more so as we approach July, a month where temperatures and water usage typically spike. The city is asking everyone to continue conserving, reminding that the two-day per week watering schedule is still in effect.

“That’s a good way to save water,” said Kelleher.

The city says groundwater levels still haven’t recovered from the drought. On top of that, some wells are now offline after high levels of arsenic and nitrates were found.

So, to battle its water woes, the city will be watering places like city parks and schools during non-watering days. It says it’s a temporary fix to ease water pressure issues since multiple wells were taken offline. It’s asking folks to be patient and to keep up the conservation fight, even in a non-drought year.

Kelleher said, “Water can be used for more valuable purposes than watering your lawn. You know, people need water to drink.”

City officials say three wells are set to be fixed in August, which will increase the water supply. There’s no word on when the conservation order will be lifted.


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