By Macy Jenkins

BUTTE COUNTY (CBS13) — More than 1,000 acres have burned in Butte County as firefighters battled the Wall Fire just north of Bangor.

“I left a lot of things,” said Rich Morgan, who lives near Swedes Flat Road. “ I just saw that wave of fire and said ‘that’s it, I’m done!’

Early Friday evening, Morgan watched his property go up in flames. So, he quickly left and made his way around the fire engines to check on his friends.

Nearly 150 homes have been evacuated in the rural area. More than 200 Butte County firefighters with Calfire battled the flames with a helicopter, plane and tanker as well as on foot. Their biggest challenge was getting to the remote spot where the fire began.

“It had well-established itself and created spot fires within minutes, and due to the large fires that are going on in other parts of the state, resources were at a low,” said Russ Fowler, Incident Commander with Calfire in Butte County.

“They told us to get out, or we goin’ lose our life,” said a man named TJ, who lives on 40 acres in Butte County.

He left his home behind after trying to battle the flames on his property with his uncle.

“Next thing we know, we’re fighting fire with water hoses and chainsaws, trying to cut line around our property,” TJ explained. “But wasn’t no saving it.”

Separated in the commotion, he’s looking to reunite with his uncle soon and hopes the defensible space around his home saves the little property he has left.

“It hurts but, you know, it’s replaceable,” TJ said. “It’s better than me being consumed!”

An evacuation center has been set up at the Church of Nazarene at 2238 Monte Vista Avenue in Oroville.


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