SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Drivers who fail to register their car are costing the State of California millions of dollars, officials say.

Now, the California Highway Patrol is reminding people they can be pulled over for out-of-state plates.

California law gives a 20-day grace period to complete the registration without paying a penalty.

But while some people are visiting, others could be migrant workers or Californians breaking the rules.

“We see a lot of vehicles on the coast. Maybe Ferrari, Lamborghinis. Those vehicles typically are just trying to avoid the high cost of registration, which could be in the thousands,” said Ruben Gonzales with the CHP.

That’s why the CHP is asking residents for help, using the “cheaters” website to report out-of-state license plates.

For those who travel between California and another state for work, CHP says those drivers can get dual registration to keep the title of their car in the other state and pay the California registration for part of the year.

Comments (2)
  1. Local police and sheriff should pull over these cars and trucks, too.
    Why: Nearly half of the registration fees go to cities and counties.

    The Cheaters website data should be shared with all local police and sheriffs.
    City of Sacramento’s police POD intersection cameras captures many of these cheaters on its plate pictures. Those pictures should be shared with CHP.

    Pull over cars with no plates or fake paper plates, too.
    That’s what some of the out-of-state cheaters do; they remove their plate.

  2. Ralph Warner says:

    Are they costing the state more than what the politicians are costing the state? I’m not going to snitch off a guy just because the registration in another state is cheaper.

    What California should be doing is making registration here competitive with other states, which takes the incentive away to register a car in another state. Let me also add that, looking at the condition of the roads, California is not using the fees for what they are intended, so I couldn’t care less if they get those fees. Additionally, the incentive for the CHP to pursue that is because registration fees pay their salaries, so I couldn’t care less about that as well.

    The oligarchs in Sacramento are not business friendly, nor do they care that we pay the highest taxes in the country. Since the democrats in Sacramento are a supermajority, they do whatever they want, because they don’t care what you and I think, unless they are looking for your vote.

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