By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Stockton police are on the lookout for a four-door red Pontiac sedan that suspects were in when they fired multiple gunshots at officers.

The department is hoping the public can help identify the vehicle, just as detectives investigate another shooting Thursday where officers became the target.

On the heels of a shooting that targeted Stockton police, another similar incident has happened. This time, while officers were in the middle of a routine traffic stop.

‪”These are two really, back-to-back incidents that are very concerning for us,” said Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones.

This latest shooting happened Thursday evening shortly after 6 p.m. near the intersection of Iris Avenue and El Dorado Street. Police say someone fired at least one gunshot round towards the officers. This is the second firearm assault on Stockton police in less than three weeks.

‪”Anyone who is capable of firing a gun at officers, they are capable of anything, and so it is concerning for officers, but it is concerning for our entire community.”

According to preliminary data from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, as of June 30, 65 federal, state and local law-enforcement officers have died in the line of duty this year, increasing 30 percent over the same period last year.

Gunfire deaths in that period dropped by four percent, while automobile-related deaths increased nearly 10 percent.

‪“Law enforcement and the community need to come together to put an end to this type of violence,” he said.

Stockton police have been doing violence prevention work throughout several neighborhoods in the hopes of reducing gun violence around the community.

‪“We’re from Stockton so; this is the norm for us. It’s par for the course here, we’re used to that but as far as children and woman, that I’m concerned about. I would hate for anybody who is innocent to get hurt. For the most part, it doesn’t happen, but it is alarming,” said resident Jonathan Carney.

Some residents believe the majority of officers do their job and instances of officers involved in shooting across the country is where the mistrust comes from. They say nobody deserves to be shot at.

‪“It’s not fair, you know. I don’t think all officers deserve that treatment, but then again I don’t think those people who are being killed deserve that treatment either,” he said.

The organization, Father and Families of San Joaquin, is planning a forum this October to tackle topics such as ending gun violence and promoting healing around the community.


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