By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — If you think you’re seeing more yellowjackets buzzing around these days in Sacramento County—you aren’t mistaken.

The stinging pests are showing up earlier than normal, according to Sacramento-Yolo County Mosquito and Vector Control. Their agency has been busy responding to calls from homeowners to help kill dozens of yellowjacket nests.

Officials aren’t sure why– but one guess has to do with the hotter than normal summer after a wetter than normal winter. Yellowjackets are attracted to taller landscape.

Yellowjackets usually make a late summer appearance in the Sacramento Valley but in Herald, south of Elk Grove, 90 nests were found last week on one five-acre property.

Land owner Doug Gibson says eating outside has been impossible this summer.

“If we’re having a picnic of any kind–where we have anything that’s protein based–whether it’s meat or eggs–they’ll be all over it,” Gibson tells CBS13.

Each nest can have hundreds of thousands of yellowjackets and disturbing their colonies, gets them more aggressive.

The other hotspots in Sacramento County experiencing a jump in yellowjackets include the communities of Folsom and Rancho Cordova.

If you need help to get rid of yellowjacket nests on your property, contact Vector control services at or call 1.800.429.1022.


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