By Jennifer McGraw

STOCKTON (CBS13) – The mystery of a letter read at Wednesday’s White House Press Briefing has been solved; it’s a boy, not a fraud.

He’s just your average 9-year-old who likes to play tag, oh, and he likes President Donald Trump.

“Make America great again” said Dylan Harbin while where the iconic red hat.

He decided to write a letter, and it became a national sensation.

“My name is Dylan Harbin, but everyone calls me Pickle,” he read.

The White House, in keeping with a past hopeful tradition for kids, read it to a group of reporters.

“Then Dylan goes on to ask a few questions. ‘How old are you?’ Dylan, President Trump is 71 years old,” said White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Pickle was able to watch it online, and his mother said he was in disbelief.

“He buried his head in my chest, and I looked at him, and he had tears coming down his face. I said, ‘Why are you crying? He said I’m just so happy!'” said SueAnn Harbin.

But, Pickle you say? The same name as the vice president’s cat? Almost nobody believed it to be true.

“They actually had experts go in and look at his letter to make sure if it was real or not,” SueAnn said.

After plenty of skeptics, the myth debunked.

Dyl-Pickle is a real boy!

“He’s not fake—real kid, 9 years old, loves Trump,” she said.

There are even pictures to prove it from his birthday party.

“You are my favorite president. I like you so much; I had a birthday about you. My cake was the shape of your hat,” Pickle said.

His mom said the obsession came as a surprise.

“He came home and says, ‘Mom, I’m voting for Trump,” she said.

As it turns out, he’s on his own.

“He is the only one in the house that likes Trump,” SueAnn said.

He wasn’t sure if Trump would ever get his letter but said he had to write it anyway.

“I just want to ask him to be my friend,” he said.

While he hopes to sway his family, all that matters is Pickle has a new friend.

“Thank you for being my friend and thank you for reading my letter,” he said.

So as it turns out it’s nothing political, just a simple letter from a boy called Pickle.

  1. It is a violation of the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to reveal the private information of a minor. Private information includes:

    (1) A first and last name;

    (2) A home or other physical address including street name and name of a city or town;

    (3) Online contact information as defined in this section;

    (4) A screen or user name where it functions in the same manner as online contact information, as defined in this section;

    (5) A telephone number;

    (6) A Social Security number;

    (7) A persistent identifier that can be used to recognize a user over time and across different Web sites or online services. Such persistent identifier includes, but is not limited to, a customer number held in a cookie, an Internet Protocol (IP) address, a processor or device serial number, or unique device identifier;

    (8) A photograph, video, or audio file where such file contains a child’s image or voice;

    (9) Geolocation information sufficient to identify street name and name of a city or town; or

    (10) Information concerning the child or the parents of that child that the operator collects online from the child and combines with an identifier described in this definition.

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