By Angela Greenwood

(CBS13) – President Trump officially has a new FBI Director, after abruptly firing James Comey back in May.  The development came as the President’s new chief of staff continued working on getting the West Wing in order, while his top foreign diplomat focused on matters abroad.

The nomination is confirmed.  Senate lawmakers voted 92-to-5 Tuesday afternoon to confirm Christopher Wray, President Trump’s pick to lead the FBI.

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) said, “Christopher Wray is the type of person that Chuck Schumer wants, the type of person that I want, and the type of person that America is looking for.”

The 50-year-old former justice department lawyer replaces James Comey.  He earned bi-partisan support during his confirmation hearing last month, pledging to remain independent from any political pressure.

Wray said, “My commitment is to the rule of law, to the constitution.”

The development came as the President touted economic gains at the White House and pressured his new Chief of Staff to speak publicly about it.

President Trump said, “I keep telling General Kelly, ‘General, come on let’s go. You are Chief of Staff. They don’t talk about the all-time high stock market.”

In a rare move, the President’s top foreign diplomat, Rex Tillerson, did speak directly to the press about a range of challenges abroad.  Among them, the ongoing political crisis in Venezuela.

“The situation from a humanitarian standpoint is becoming dire. We are evaluating all of our policy options,” said Tillerson.

Tillerson also talked about escalating tensions in North Korea.

“We would like to sit and have a dialogue with them about the future that will give them the security they seek.”

Just last month, the North carried out its second successful ballistic missile test.  President Trump has suggested all options are on the table in dealing with the communist nation.  In August, a ban on us citizens traveling to North Korea will go into affect. Once the ban is in place, only four groups of Americans will be allowed into the country, including journalists and Red Cross officials.


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