By Macy Jenkins

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Bay area construction worker was deported Friday, three months after he and a co-worker were detained at Travis Air Force Base.

Concern is growing for the fate of the remaining worker, who is still behind bars in Elk Grove.

“He’s the best man I know,” said Yadira Mejia, describing her husband, Hugo. “He’s the best husband and best father.”

Mejia’s coworker Rodrigo Nunez was sent back to Mexico on Friday for failing to have proper U.S. working papers.

Mejia remains behind bars at Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center in Elk Grove. Yadira told CBS13 she’s worried he will also be sent back to his homeland.

Both men are undocumented and were arrested at Travis Air Force Base back in May. They were going through military security on their way to a construction job at David Grant Medical Center. Mejia explained that he didn’t know the hospital was on the base.

He told CBS13 he gave security his legal California driver’s license number and car registration but left his social security number blank because he doesn’t have one.

Mejia’s wife got the news today and told CBS 13 she’s sad and just gets sadder every day. And now she hurts for the Nunez family too.

Support is only growing to release Mejia before he, too, is deported. Mejia’s hometown has rallied, along with people in New York, Boston and Rhode Island. The call to Free Hugo and let him go back to his family.

The California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance and the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades released a joint statement saying: “This injustice is the bitter fruit of the administration’s cruel and abusive policies. Rodrigo and his family are requesting that everyone fully respect their privacy at this painful time. Meanwhile, the fight to free Hugo Mejía will continue at full force.”

Learning Nunez’ fate today, Yadira says her loneliness and despair are overwhelming. And she wants the judge to know what a good person her husband is, and that he is always doing the right thing.

Yadira says her family has lived in the Bay Area for 15 years. Mejia’s supporters in the Bay Area are still finalizing details on the next steps to urge his release.

  1. Deport him as soon as possible.

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